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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there really NO CHARGE for the use of this Portal?
    That is correct. Since our launch in 2023, becoming a member of Today's Elder has been free of charge and we will be for some time yet. However, on March 1, 2024 we will be instituting a very small membership fee to help us recover our operating costs. The good news is that all registered members as at February 29, 2024 will enjoy a nine month reprieve until September before any fees will kick in.
  • Do I Have to Subscribe and Give My Email Address to use the Portal?
    Yes you do... and you'll be glad of that. We only ask for your name and email address when you register/login at which time you'll become a member of Today's Elder. We do suggest you create a separate password for your time with us and not one you use for anything else. Without email addresses, to confirm actual members, our Portal would be open to scammers and others who would enjoy interfering with the content of our many pages in the Portal. Subscribing/Registering does keep you in the loop with our occasional emails on upcoming events and important news. Also, if you wish to attend any of our paid events or merchandise items, you will have to subscribe/register to pay for these items online. Only at that time will a credit card be requested and it will be used for that transaction only! Most importantly, your information is secure with us and will never be shared with anyone else.
  • Is Today's Elder a registered Non-Profit or Charitable Organization?
    We are a Registered Non-Profit Organization in the Province of Ontario, Canada. We've decided to provide its main product and service at no charge to our audience. We are here to do good things for the demographic that we are proudly part of!
  • Why Do People Join Today's Elder?
    The primary reason our members tell us is because we are "a safe place to hang out" where people can have access to a lot of things available on the internet without having to surf accidentally into areas they'd rather not get into. It can be spooky out there! We spend a lot of time looking for content that our demographic is interested in and we spend as much time verifying its appropriateness and safety to be brought to our Portal. And then we keep an eye on what's going on. Besides that, we have a lot of our OWN content that cannot be found anywhere else, of which, much is created by our own members! Finally and perhaps the best reason, as it was why we created Today's Elder, is because of this unique community of members that we've created. Whether it's via discussions in the Let's Chat area or just that we're a meeting place for a lot of terrific people that relate to our generations, we're creating that "connection" that we really wanted. So, enjoy!!
  • Ok, So How Do I Join?
    Our favorite question that we love to answer. If you're ready to become a member of Today's Elder.... just head back to our Home page, and locate this section/image below: Step One – Go to the Home Page and click on the Click Here And Join Us Today! Button Step Two – After clicking the button in Step One, you will be presented with this Sign Up Form. Enter your first and last name, your email address, and a password you’d like to use with Today’s Elder. Please use a different password than you would normally use. This password will only be used to confirm your member access here at Today's Elder. Then click the Submit button. Step Three – This Confirm Your Email screen will now pop up and here’s where your security processes kick in to confirm who you are. You will also now receive an email with the subject line of “Today’s Elder Verification Code” to the email address you provided above. This email will contain a six-digit security code, which you will now enter on this form. You’ll enter the code and click the Confirm & Sign Up button. Step Four – This screen will appear on your website and You’re almost there! In a short while, our administrator will complete their security review and you will receive confirmation of your membership. In the meantime, you will receive a welcome email from us!

Come back from time to time as new ones are added regularly here at Today's Elder!

Sounds Pretty Terrific... doesn't it?

It really does, and since it's completely free of charge, it might even sound a little suspect.  All we can say is that we'd love to have you and if you aren't having a great time, we'd understand if you left.... but we don't think you will.

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