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What's A Portal?

Before you begin thinking of intergalactic transportation, wormholes and gateways to different time dimensions, our Today's Elder Portal does have some similarities (we do occasionally visit the 50s, 60s and 70s), but it's a whole lot less complicated and a lot closer to the planet we're on!

The Today's Elder Portal is the cornerstone of being a member at Today's Elder and it much simpler terms, it is a members-only website that gives 24x7 online access to ten individual pages of content that presents ongoing news, information, insight, entertainment, events and member connection.


Let's have a look here at what is on these Portal pages!

A Tour of the Portal

Once you click on the Members Only portion of the main website, you'll have access to the ten portal pages that we'll tell you more about below,

Banner for News And Weather

The News & Weather Page has your local weather and news services in “real time” from CBC, CTV, Global and CNN and presented in easy-to-read format, with the highlights of the moment.

Banner for Insights

The Insights Page is great place for current thinking when it comes to the issues, interests, and general curiosity of us all these days!  All it takes is the click of a button through our selection of both video and text articles. 

Banner for Entertainment

The Entertainment Page one of our member favourites, with your weekly choices for Radio, TV shows, old movie trailers, Saturday morning cartoons, old TV commercials and vintage concerts for you to enjoy.  Bring back those memories of what you were doing at that time!!

Banner for Online Events

The Online Events Page an excellent array of online events, hand selected and reviewed for our members’ tastes.  The majority are free of charge, easy to register for and viewable from the comfort of your home.  Take a tour of Italy, a learning course or something that you’ve always wanted to know about.

Banner for In The Kitchen

The In The Kitchen Page ​Very soon after our launch in 2023, we had members asking about sharing recipes. Whether from old family traditions of generations past or newly discovered ones, we created "In The Kitchen" for just that reason.  Along with recipes from members, we provide other inspirations for your kitchen!

Banner for Older Dogs Newer Tricks

The Older Dogs Newer Tricks Page ​Our educational podcast series brings together the subjects that interest us the most with some incredible guests to talk about them.  Easily listened to with a click of a button whenever you feel like listening.

Banner for the Blog

The Blog Page ​is a monthly article series, written by our members, on subjects that are important to them.  A full library of submissions are available for hours of fascinating reading.  And we encourage our members to contribute as often as they can.

Banner for Lets Chat Page

The Let’s Chat Page ​Our place where members get to "connect" about everything and just about anything.  We’re still a fairly “quiet group” so we encourage everyone to dive in and share.  All we ask as is that the content remains tasteful, free of politics, and that you join in frequently!

Banner for Technical Help Page
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Technical Help

The Technical Help Page ​Our most recent edition to the Portal and welcomed by so many, who just need that extra bit of help in navigating the Portal and getting the most out of it.  Services provided by the exceptional people at Connected Canadians!

Banner for the Careers Page

The Careers Page Is where we advertise our volunteer roles with Today’s Elder and we benefit from the many seasoned members out there who help us with “keeping the lights on” here at Today’s Elder.  Feel free to reach out if you’d like to give us a hand in making the magic that we do!

 So, these are our current ten portal pages that our members are currently enjoying!

But we have others coming soon to add, which we'll keep everyone advised of and excited about!

Join Us Today!

We really are the "Safe Place To Hang Out" for those of us in the "over 55" bracket and a great daily space to visit for news, information, insight, entertainment, events and above all connection.  And we've priced it right..... at zero $$$

So, Join Us Today!

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