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What's Today's Elder
All About?

We're a free of charge, membership organization, dedicated to us folks "over 55" who are looking for a safe place to hang out for news, information, insight, entertainment and above all connection. 


If you've got 4 1/2 minutes to spare, we'd love to answer the "What's Today's Elder All About?" question with this little video.  There's a lot behind what we're all about and our history lesson in here tells a great story!

Thanking You for
the Thumbs Up!

While we blush a little with these, reviews, we're very grateful that we're having the impact that we strive for!

Free of Charge?

Yes it's true!  Since our launch in 2023, becoming a member of Today's Elder has been free of charge and we will be for some time yet, thanks to the generous donors, partners and sponsors that we are very lucky to have! 

Join Us Today!

We really are the "Safe Place To Hang Out" for those of us in the "over 55" bracket and a great daily space to visit for news, information, insight, entertainment, events and above all connection.  And we've priced it right..... at zero $$$

So, Join Us Today!

Hmmm... not quite ready yet?

We understand, as it does rather sound too good to be true, so let us tell you a bit more about us before you make your final decision.  We do have a great story to tell about us, so click on this next button and we'll take you to our About Us page

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