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Happy members at Today's Elder!

Welcome to Today's Elder!

Our Safe Place to Hang Out!

A safe place for Information, Insight, Entertainment, Learning, Events & Connection for those of us of retirement age or getting close to it!  With things to see, watch, attend, contribute to and connect with everyday.  And membership is Free!!

Need to know more first?

Completely understood, so have a look below!

What's Today's Elder
All About?

If you've got 4 1/2 minutes to spare, we'd love to answer the "What's Today's Elder All About?" question with this little video.

There's a lot behind what we're all about and our history lesson in here tells a great story!

Thanking You for
the Thumbs Up!

While we blush a little with these, reviews, we're very grateful that we're having the impact that we strive for!

Review 1 - January 31, 2023.jpg

Sounds Pretty Terrific... doesn't it?

It really does, and since it's completely free of charge, it might even sound a little suspect.  All we can say is that we'd love to have you and if you aren't having a great time, we'd understand if you left.... but we don't think you will.

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