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About Us

Being an "elder" today is a little different than it was for our parents.  ​The world really is different but so is today's' elder.  Many of us are tech savvy (as you are reading this right now) but even with that savvy-ness, the internet can be a frustrating and risky spot to navigate these days.

There’s a lot in there that we don’t care about or even want to run into at the best of times.  Today’s Elder was created to provide a “safe place” for us over 55 and their caring families to access information, insight, entertainment, events, and most of all “connection” in one place they can look forward to, at any time.

The following is a bit more about how we all got here and how we'd love to have you as a member with us!

The Inside Story Behind Today's Elder

an idea that became a passion

It was in the middle of 2020 when the pandemic lockdown was starting to have its effect on all of us, including our founder, James Ellis.  And it would be almost two more years before all the restrictions were lifted and we all felt comfortable enough to emerge from our caves to be with civilization again.  The effects of this pandemic isolation were profound for many, but not necessarily new for many others, as our founder soon learned.

A Little History

Prior to the pandemic, multiple research studies in Canada found that more than a third of Canadians reported being often or always alone. As we age, we face routine life transitions that can contribute to the risk of becoming socially isolated or lonely.


Some face fewer family connections or the loss of a spouse, or fewer ways to connect with our communities. Transitional life events, such as retirement, the death of family or friends, or changes in living arrangements, may contribute to the risk of social isolation and loneliness among older adults. Other contributing factors can include poverty, lack of transportation, gender and sexual identity, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

And There’s More Of Us Coming!

 Residents aged 65 and older are part of the fastest-growing age group in Canada today, according to Environics Analytics. The company estimates that as of 2023, there were about 7.6 million people aged 65 and older in Canada. Many of these Canadians are part of the baby boomer generation, which includes those born from 1946 to 1964.

According to the International Federation on Ageing, “the number one emerging issue facing seniors in Canada is keeping older people socially connected and active.”   Social isolation and exclusion are related to serious negative health effects and reduced quality of life for seniors.

Social isolation is also linked to the undervaluing of seniors in our society and the loss of seniors from the volunteer sector and the paid economy.  The National Seniors Council also asserts that the social isolation of seniors can cause communities to suffer from a lack of social unity, higher social costs, and the loss of the wealth of experience that seniors bring to our families, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Then The Pandemic Hit!

And many more of us experienced that isolation and how limited the options were for dealing with it.  Hours of television was a temporary solution until the news became repetitive and depressing.  Usual hobbies were limited to those indoors only.  And our friend network was restricted to telephone calls or online face time, who had little to share beyond what one already knew.


It was late in 2021 when our founder began looking for some way to alleviate some of the effects of isolation for seniors, through available technology.  Knowing the senior’s demographic intimately (being a proud member thereof) he knew that the technology would need to be not only “user friendly” but engaging, useful and connected people.  And above all, safe from the myriad of things on the internet that are not welcome.

We Needed To:

  • Be free of charge.

  • Be easy to use.

  • Be safe from internet trolls and scammers.

  • Resonate with our demographic.

  • Be engaging, informative and useful.

  • Connect members with others.

  • Allow members to contribute.

Today’s Elder was born in late 2022 and took the form of a membership organization that would be free to join.  It would be a “community” of members that could connect regularly through a number of online channels that were safe to engage in. 

It would take the form of an online website or member “portal” that would be available to members 24x7 for news, information, insight, entertainment, online events, and connection with other members.  In its design, it would have a number of “needed to” criteria for it to be successful.

And It Worked… better than we thought!

As hoped, popularity came quickly after our launch with many accolades and personal thank you’ s from members, that were truly from the heart.  We knew we had a great idea, but nothing feels better than hearing it from those who are really benefitting from that idea.  At that point, our idea had become a passion!

But An Even Better Surprise Came Shortly After!

Interestingly, Today’s Elder became just as popular with many others who weren’t isolated due to health re as well!  Members began to join because they loved the “safe place to hang out” tag line that we became known for, and our content really resonated with their demographic in a big way.  Members were beginning to engage, and our “community” was beginning to build.  And it felt good for so many.  

From the Founder

As a fully qualified "elder", I've been involved in a number of projects over the years, and have learned a lot about our demographic.... what we like, what we don't like, and what's we've developed when it comes to trust.  Today's Elder was developed with that knowledge, not only reflecting what this demographic wants, but what I would want personally.  

Ultimately, it will be you, our members, who will decide if we've hit the mark for what your wants are from Today's Elder, and we ask that you let us know regularly how we're doing and how we can do better.

Founder - James Ellis

elderly, seniors, retire, over 55

Join Us Today!

We really are the "Safe Place To Hang Out" for those of us in the "over 55" bracket and a great daily space to visit for news, information, insight, entertainment, events and above all connection.  And we've priced it right..... at zero $$$

So, Join Us Today!

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