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In The Kitchen

Very soon after our launch in 2023, we had members asking about sharing recipes. 

Whether they came from old family traditions of generations past or newly discovered ones, so we created "In The Kitchen" for just that reason.  Along we recipes from our members, we've provides some other inspirations for your kitchen!

This page is refreshed every Tuesday!!

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From Our Member Kitchens

It's very early in the launch of "In The Kitchen" but some of the family recipes are beginning to flow in!  So, lets keep these traditions going!!

Please forward your recipes to our email address at

elderly, seniors, retire, over 55

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From Our Members
Ok folks, these are the recipes from the real kitchens where love and tradition and being served!

This Weeks' Member Recipes

Southwest Salad
by Barb in Calgary


Crunchy, healthy and colourful with lots of fabulous ingredients.  Perfect for your summer table!

Protein Peanut Butter Balls
by Karen in Ottawa


Peanut butter and chocolate protein balls are tasty, actually curb your appetite and give you energy.

Your Recipe
Right Here!

elderly, seniors, retire, over 55

Don't be shy and share one of your favorite recipes with us here!

For others trying to think of something different for dinner tonight, you could be the solution!

Our Member Recipe Library

We've assembled quite a library of our member recipes from the beginning, so please enjoy them via the our library here.

Just click on the arrows to move through the recipes and then click on the title of any one of them and the recipe with download automatically.

Some Video Inspirations

Here are this week's inspirational recipes from special kitchens around the world!

Kitchen Trends

for 2024

From Interior Design Hub

Ultimate Grilling & Barbecue Guide

Tips, Tricks & Recipes

From Andy Cooks

Refreshing Summer Drinks

To Cool You Down

FroPick Up Limes

A Disclaimer

We do our best to find recipes that we think our members would most enjoy, but while we are excited to present these recipes to our members for their personal selection, Today's Elder cannot vouch or take responsibility for the quality, taste our output in general that may occur during home use.. 

Nor, for any of these in-person events, does Today's Elder take responsibility for anything that may occur during the preparation of these recipes that could be a threat or injurious to anyone..

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